Herb bulletins

Tsukushi – noxious weed or delicious spring delicacy?

You notice the change of seasons in Japan much more acutely than in the UK and people there make a real fuss of it. Around March to April, clumps of Tsukushi appear on river banks, which is a sure sign spring has arrived. At the same time many supermarkets start to sell prepared Tsukushi because […]

A remedy for Spring (2020): Xiao Yao San – Free and Easy Wanderer (1109)

As the first stirrings of spring start to show themselves in delicate new buds, the sorbet yellow of primroses, and the amorous antics of sparrows and robins… it’s a good time to reflect on our relationship to the Wood element and its dynamic of growth, expansion and creativity. Do you embrace this ‘flow’ or do […]

Nine ways of characterising a herb

In the world of Chinese herbal medicine there is an interesting debate going on about how we define the actions of a herb. In the UK there is an increasing emphasis on the ‘taste’ of a herb. Whilst this can be an excellent way of learning about the action of a herb it also has […]

Ginger for acupuncturists (and everyone else)

At the White Crane Academy we are pretty passionate about the benefits of combining acupuncture and herbs and would like to share some information on herbs with you that you can safely and effectively incorporate into your practices. Over the next few months we will be discussing topics like the therapeutic effect of tastes in […]